How to Chat with Apple Support?

In this article we’ll bring you a short and simple tutorial on how to access apple chat support feature online. So, for anybody who has ever owned an apple device or an apple id, you know that these things do not come without their issues. Nothing is perfect and when you do run into an issue, you will want to contact support. You might be like a person who do not want to use email because the responses take too long. When you are on the phone, they put you on hold like forever and you get charged for a long-distance call, in that case chat support is probably the most suitable option and a way to talk to the support team.

If you google apple chat support, you will not get any simple answer. Whatsoever there is no like quick link or any quick way to get onto a chat support and it really does seem like there is no apple support. But it surely exists.

Here you’ll get to know how to access that apple support chat.

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How to Access Online Apple Support

If you have googled apple chat support

  • Click on the first link
  • Go to support
  • Click on the iPhone. It doesn’t matter if your problems are iPhone related or not. This is just how to get chat support.
  • Click on battery, power & charging
  • Click unable to power on.
  • Once you click on that selection, you’ll notice that it brings you to a page’ ‘HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YO GET HELP?’
  • You can actually click the chat option to talk to them.
  • Its going to ask you info like your iPhone serial no. if you don’t have serial no. you can get it online as you can’t put any random number.
  • If your question is apple ID related, put in a serial number that will work.
  • Put your email address and name
  • Once you done that, it’ll bring you into the chat session and it should start up within 2 minutes.

If you have an issue regarding your account or maybe like your apple ID, just give them a random iPhone serial number as it doesn’t really matter. You just need to get into the chat.

They actually answer a wide variety of apple related questions which means almost everything. Although you said you had an iPhone battery issue in order get this chat, but they will answer almost every question of your apple product.

You can ask a wide variety of questions and this is a simple guide how to get into the apple’s chat support quickly. Apple doesn’t provide us with a quick link in order to get a chat support. So, you have to go under a very specific category to get that option. There might be another category that works but the situation is dicey. But this category will surely going to work.

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