Apple Will Might Find Solution for Fraying Lighting Cables by Patent App

Apple Will Might Find Solution for Fraying Lighting Cables by Patent App: Apple has filed a patent utility that without difficulty keeps away from the fraying of its lightning cables.

  • The patent is for a cable with variable stiffness that could solve this problem. Lightning cables from Apple are known for fraying easily.
  • This patent may have also provided the agency with a workaround.
  • The Cupertino firm had suggested design concepts for a cable that could easily identify fray.
  • It discusses a cable with ‘variable stiffness’ in the patent software and recognizes it is very well.
  • Bending the cable near the termination point where it attaches to the phone places excessive stress on the wire connections, which can result to cable failure.

Apple’s patent application could lead to a solution for frayed lighting cables.

Apple Will Might Find Solution for Fraying Lighting Cables by Patent App

On August 3, 2019, Apple filed a patent application dated February four, 2021. Apple Insider first spotted it.

Apple intends to create a pressure relief sleeve made of an inflexible fabric across the quiet vicinity of the cable within the patent utility.

It is stated that this inflexible fabric will produce a localized increase in the cable’s bending resistance,

which in flip will alleviate pressure at the cord connections.

Apple also recommends similarly common cable thickening. The patent application consists of a sample inclusive of well.

The patent signals that Apple is running with its charging cables to address a long-criticized problem.

For now, this is simply an idea and might or may not go into production.

It is likewise well worth bringing up that ‘Lightning Cables’ are not clearly said anywhere inside the patent, so this could be a wider layout for Apple products.

‘A cable may additionally consist of a cable core surrounded by an outer sleeve with a uniform thickness and a first longitudinal section with a primary tension (e.G. A flexible cable)

A 2nd longitudinal phase with a 2nd stress (e.G. A inflexible cable), and a third longitudinal section between the primary and 2d longitudinal sections.’

The stiffness of the third longitudinal phase differs among the primary stiffness and the second stiffness, the second stiffness is greater than the first stiffness.

“The 2nd longitudinal segment can provide the cable with strain relief,” Apple explained inside the patent application.

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