How to Change the Password on Gmail

How to Change the Password on Gmail:-

How to Change the Password on Gmail
How to Change the Password on Gmail

How to Change the Password on Gmail

How long has your Gmail password remained unchanged? so, some steps here that How to Change the Password on Gmail.

Changing your Gmail password is simple and takes under a minute.

So, in order to improve your security and keep your Google account safe, you should change it and keep changing it on a regular basis.

It’s not just a good idea to change your Gmail password on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea not to share it or use other people’s devices with it.

Gmail is different from other email services.

It’s linked to a lot of Google services, so if you lose access to it, you’ll lose access to all of them, including YouTube, Blogger, and other Google services.

If you want to change your Gmail password, follow the steps below.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started. Do you have everything you need? Let’s get started if this is the case.

What is the process for changing your Gmail password?

1 .Logging into your Gmail account is the first step.

Google Logging

2 .From your inbox, select Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Google account settings

3 .Change your Gmail password by going to your Google account settings page, clicking Accounts and Import, then clicking the Change password link.

Google Accounts and Import

4 .If you’re prompted to re-enter your password, simply type in your Google account password and click the Sign in button to proceed to the next step.

Re-enter password

5 .Finally, create a new password and confirm it in the second field. When you’re finished, click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

Change your google account password

For added security, choose a strong password and, as I previously stated, avoid sharing it with others or using their devices.

That concludes the discussion. You can change your Gmail password in the same way.

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