How to find the Router IP Address on Windows, Linux and mac?

Are you looking for the IP address of your router on Windows, Mac, or Linux? How to find the Router IP Address?:- This article is for you, and I’ll show you how to find the router IP address on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. Because there are numerous tools available, you can easily locate them. The process may vary from one to the next. Windows uses a command prompt to perform a variety of tasks, and while new commands are added each year, the old ones are not removed.

In Windows, how do I find the Router IP?

To begin, consider Windows:

  1. Run CMD as an administrator by pressing Windows + S together.
  2. After the command prompts, a window will appear on the screen, which you should open as administrator.

To continue, type “IPConfig” into the empty field and press Enter.
Remember that you won’t be able to use many commands unless you have the administrator role. When the command prompt IP address finding command fails, you are solely responsible.
1. After a few attempts, the IP address appeared on your screen. If you’re a beginner, the large number of numbers flashing on the screen may be confusing.
The manual can also be found in the network settings. To view the IP address or IPv4 address, go to Windows settings, Network & Internet, and then click on that.

In Linux, how do I find the IP address of my router?

Although the term “Linux” may appear to be all-encompassing, the Linux environment encompasses hundreds of operating systems. There is no need to be concerned about different environments because the Linux OS is based on Ubuntu, so the option will be the same on almost every sub-Linux OS.

  1. The Terminal method was chosen because it is a universal method that will work on any Linux terminal on both Elementary and Ubuntu.
  2. After that, In the empty field, type “IP address show” and then press enters to continue. Remember that you’ll need administrator privileges to look up the IP address.
  3. When it comes to navigating commands, the Ubuntu terminal has a complicated interface.

An IP address can be found in the results, and I’ve highlighted it. The trick is to identify the first numbers associated with you for the Internet service provider address, after which you will be unable to track it.

How do I get the IP address of my router on my Mac?

Macintosh was the first Mac, and it is still the most popular MacBook and Mac PC on the market today. Because the organization follows the same orders as Linux, the interface on Mac OS X may appear to be similar. Fortunately, we have two options, which we will investigate.

Method 1

  1. Go to “Utilities,” then “Terminal.”
  2. To proceed, type “net start – nr | grep default” into the empty field and then hit enter.
  3. You can find “DEFAULT” and the IP address on a line that looks similar.

The guidelines will cover older versions of macOS, so I don’t think there’s any reason to be concerned about the inconsistency.

Method 2

  1. Type “Framework Preferences” into the search box and press Enter to open it.
  2. Continue with the “Organization References” snap-on.
  3. If you’re using a wired network, select “LAN” or “Remote Network,” then select “Wi-Fi” to proceed.

It will appear on the screen; then, select TCP/IP; then, select “Switch,” and it will display the IP address that you are looking for.
Apple designs the organization options for newcomers, so familiarising yourself with the interface shouldn’t take more than two minutes. Because the organization didn’t make any changes to the options and only a few plan enhancements, strategy two will work on previous versions of Mac OS X.

How to find the Router IP Address
How to find the Router IP Address

Conclusion: – Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about “How to Find the Router IP Address on Windows, Linux, and Mac.”

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