How to Make Your Facebook Profile Completely Private

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Completely Private/How to Completely Lock Down Your Facebook Account.

how to make facebook profile completely private

Are you concerned about your Facebook privacy? Want to change the privacy settings on your Facebook account to make it completely private to non-friends or even friends?

Want to hide your personal information, friends list, photo albums, liked pages, and everything else you care about from Facebook users?

If that’s the case, I’ll show you how to change your privacy settings on Facebook to make everything private and prevent people who aren’t your friends from seeing it in this post.

Are you ready to protect your privacy on the blue site by blocking haters, stalkers, and other unwanted visitors? If that’s the case, let’s get started!

How Do I Make My Facebook Account Completely Private?

1Select Settings from the drop-down menu by clicking the down arrow icon in the top right corner of any Facebook page.

Facebook Settings


2Select the Privacy tab from the left-hand menu.

Facebook Privacy Tab
You should now be on the page where you can adjust your privacy settings. Do you happen to be there? Excellent! We’ll adjust each item separately.

Privacy Settings and Tools

3 Change your default sharing: It’s critical to choose who can see your future posts so that whenever you make a post, it will only be shared with that audience.

To do so, go to Who can see your future posts? and click Edit.

then select an audience from the drop-down menu by clicking the audience selector.

If you select Friends, your future posts will only be shared with your friends. – Select Only me to keep your next posts hidden from the rest of the world.

Default Sharing Privacy

4 Limit who can see your old posts: Do you want to restrict who can see your old posts and only share them with friends?

If so, you can take advantage of a fantastic Facebook feature called Limit Past Posts.

So, what exactly does this function do?

In a nutshell, it will convert all of the posts you’ve shared with the public and Friends of Friends to Friends with a single click.

However, you should be aware that you won’t be able to reverse them with a single click. You’ll have to do it for each post separately.

Limit Old Posts Privacy

Do you want to try out this tool? Are you all set?

Next to Limit Past Posts, click the link. Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or the general public?, select the Limit Old Posts option » Confirm » In the popup window, click Close. Then select the Close button.

Limit Friend Request

5 Hide the add friend button from your Facebook profile to avoid receiving friend requests from people you don’t know.

To do so, go to Who can send you friend requests? and click Edit.

Then, instead of Everyone, select Friends of Friends from the audience selector » Close the window by pressing the Close button.

Hide Facebook Friends List

6 Prevent others from viewing your friend list:

Click Edit next to Who can see your friends list? to hide your friend’s list.

Lookup Email

Click Edit beside Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?, choose Friends » Press the Close link.

Lookup Phone Number

8 Stop search engines from linking to your Facebook profile:

To do this, click Edit next to Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?

uncheck the box next to Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile » in the popup window, click Turn Off » Press Close.

Stop Search Engines

After doing that, Facebook will prevent search engines like Google Search, Bing search, Yahoo search, and others from indexing your profile.

Another thing is that people who are not logged into Facebook won’t be able to view your profile at all and this is the message they will see.

Unavailable Profile

9 Let’s move on to another section, where we’ll change the Timeline and Tagging Settings settings as described below.

10Allowing friends to post on your timeline is no longer an option:

To do so, go to Edit next to Who can post on your timeline?, check Only me, and then click the Close button.

Who Can Add Things To My Timeline

Also, select Enabled from the drop-down menu next to Review posts you’re tagged in before they appear on your timeline? and click Close.

You can tweak the remaining options in this section to get the following result:

Everything we’ve done so far is critical, but we’ll start with the most important aspects first.

Also, under Review posts you’re tagged in before they appear on your timeline?, click Edit, select Enabled, and press Close.

Timeline and Tagging Settings

The rest of the settings in this section can be tweaked so that the final result looks like this:

Everything we’ve done so far is crucial, but we’ll start with the major components.

What about the personal information listed in the about section, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and dates of birth?

What about your photo albums and photos? How about your favorite pages?

11 To make your personal information private, follow the steps outlined in this post: Facebook: How to Hide Your Personal Information

12 Make your photos and photo albums private: To prevent non-friends or friends from viewing your photos and photo albums, see How to Make Your Photo Albums Private on Facebook.

13 Hide your liked pages: Check out this post for instructions on how to keep the pages you like private on Facebook:

Facebook: How to Hide Your Liked Pages

Finally, viewing your Facebook account as someone else will ensure that your account is completely private.

To do so, select View As from the three dots icon beneath your profile photo.

This concludes the article.

If you have any further questions about how to make Facebook private, please leave them in the box below.


How to make facebook private comletely
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