How To Run iOS Apps On Your M1 Mac?

One of the coolest features m1 mac offers is the ability to download and run IOS apps on mac. I was super excited when I heard this news but I quickly discovered that a lot of apps that I want to use were not made available yet by developers.

But there is a workaround if you don’t want to wait. How To Run iOS Apps On Your M1 Mac?

Installing iOS and iPadOS Apps From the Mac App Store

To do this you need to download IPA files of the apps that you want to use from your phone.

Now there is another method that provides you a free way of doing this by simply opening up the Mac App Store.

  • In the bottom left corner go ahead
  • tap on the name to see all the apps that you have purchased.
  • Make sure to select the iPhone & iPad tab
  • From here you can simply download and install apps directly to your m1 app.

Installing Apps Not Available Through the Mac App Store

While there are more apps available using this method, unfortunately not every app is available for you

The only way to do this right now is to download a paid application like imazing.

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Note: this is not a paid sponsorship ad, this is just a way where we’ll be able to install every app from our IOS device on mac.

So, once you have decided to move forward with imazing and you have downloaded the app go-ahead to launch the app.

How To Run iOS Apps On Mac (inc M1, Big Sur & Catalina)


  • Plug your phone into your mac.
  • Make sure your device is selected in the left corner and then navigate to manage apps.
  • Go ahead and tap on the library and from here you’ll see all the apps that you own.
  • If you right-click on an app you’ll see a couple of options
  • First, you need to download the app to your library.
  • Once that download has finished, right-click again and select export IPA.
  • Go ahead and select the destination for this export.
  • I’d probably just go ahead and put it in the applications folder.
  • Then just double click that IPA file to install and it is done.

It’s super simple. Now, just speed up the process a bit.

You can go ahead and select all of the applications at one time.

For a batch download or hold command, select each app that you want to install.


The apps won’t be perfect as most of these are not optimized for touch screen devices, but instead, they are mostly optimized for iPad or iPhone. But they will likely do a good job.

You might be slightly frustrated with media apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc. which won’t let you put a video on full screen but at least you can download and watch content off-line.

If you want there are also games you can play but again you have to use your trackpad as if you were swiping with your finger which is kind of difficult to do.

But all in all, if you want to download any application that you have purchased from the app store on your IOs device and put it on your m1 mac, you can do so using this method.

Hopefully, developers will make these apps more optimized for the m1 mac’s future.

But for now, this is a pretty decent job.


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