Methods of Jailbreak iPhone – Step by Step Guide

Methods of Jailbreak iPhone

How to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 running iPhone and iPad using Unc0ver Jailbreak Tool? Step by Step Guide to help you with the process.

Altserver and Altstore Installation, Cydia & ReProvision Installation. In under 15 minutes, you will successfully jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

This is a Semi-Untethered Jailbreak from Unc0ver Jailbreak Team. Uses a Zero-Day Kernel Exploit with iOS 13.5 software to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: install alt server in mac/windows.

To do that visit Altstore, you will find a simple 3 step process to install it successfully on your computer, and iPhone is given on the website itself.

They have this particular alt store available the server application available for both Mac OS and windows.

If you have encountered any problems then they have the complete detail of frequently asked questions available on the top i.e., the first link of their website itself.

You can tap and read all the instructions on how to install the alt store if you are a little bit confused with the step-by-step process.

Altstore is all about sideloading the applications and assigning them on your iPhone similar to some kind of developer application. It is a kind of your application that you want to test on your iPhone or iPad.

It works like a trick that altstore performs with the apple developer certificate to obtain a certificate and to sign a particular application on your iPhone.

  • So, here we are going to do the signing of uncover the application.
  • Before installing the alt store from the menu, it is important to install the mail plugin to successfully verify your mac computer and your iPhone device.
  • So, there you can see the installed mail plugin is the very first step you are going to do.
  • Connect your iPhone and see the first generation to install this alt store. Don’t click that right away as we need to install the mail plugin first.

Step 2: install mail pug-in and enable it from the Preferences tab

  • After clicking on the mail plug-in, you will see the prompt that do you want to install the mail plugin.
  • so, they have given detailed instructions that it needs to verify a piece of certain information regarding your Apple ID.
  • After that, it’ll prompt you for your system ID and password. Enter that and it will successfully get installed.
  • Tap on OK from that menu and then relaunch your mail app or open your mail app.

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Note: This is an important step as just installing is not enough, you need to authenticate and allow that particular extension to work with your mail application and the alt server application.

  • So, open your mail app.
  • Here you need to tap on the main menu
  • then select preferences.
  • Go to the general tab.
  • At the bottom click on the manage plugin buttons to access the alt store hat you have installed recently.
  • By default, it will be empty unless if you have installed any other plugins.
  • So, do the checkmark and then apply and restart the mail app.

Now, the alt store has been successfully running on a mac computer. After that we are going to proceed with the installation process.

Step 3: Installing the alt store in your iPhone SE

When you tap on iPhone SE prompts for the apple ID and password.

Note: They have mentioned on the alt store website that they are not going to send apple ID passwords to any third-party companies or website services.

They have made the code completely open-source available on GitHub where developers and other people can easily access and verify apps.

  • So, here you have entered your apple id password.
  • After authenticating with your apple id or password you will be seeing the alt store successfully installed as a developer software on your iPhone.

Step 4: trust altstore inside setting

  • Go to general
  • Scroll to the bottom and Tab on profile & device management
  • There you will see the developer application which is entrusted. They have beta profiles installed; it is also always trusted. Now it is from apple.
  • Here you need to select that particular application from the developer
  • Tap on the trust

That’s how you complete the verification process with the alt store application on your iPhone.

  • So, now you can go on your second page of the iPhone home screen and tap on the alt store.
  • As it opens you have to allow the notifications so, that any important pop-up doesn’t get miss out.
  • There is a list of temporary applications that they display on their alt store app. There is the loading of the site.
  • The next thing is we are going to install the uncover without any delay. It is the jailbreak service like the version. They have also instructed to install the alt store primarily to successfully download it.

Therefore, On this website due to the high traffic, you have to access the GitHub page where the open-source code of the uncover 5.0 version must be available or any higher version.

Step 5: Open uncover. dev in safari and download the latest version of uncover.IPA file.

  • Click on the assets at bottom at the bottom of the page and you can select the uncover.
  • To download it a little bit faster you can do it directly from the GitHub page instead of downloading it from uncover.
  • If you notice any speed issues you can do it from GitHub otherwise you can do it from the uncover website itself.
  • Don’t try to download it from any other third-party websites as it can be a big security risk that can result in any malware or spyware to your iPhone.

Step 6: go to the Files app and copy uncover.IPA file to Altstore. 

  • After downloading, tap on the magnifying glass and you will land up on the files folder.
  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Here you have to tick touch the particular file
  • Then click and share
  • Select copy to altstore to transfer that particular uncover file to your Alt store to sideload that uncover. 

In addition, Here you need authentication and a password to generate a developer certificate to allow that application to be used with your iPhone.

note: it’s a certain kind of loophole Altstore takes advantage of.

Step 7: Authenticate Altstore with your AppleID and password

You will see that seven days has been set as a signing limitation. It is the expiration period for that particular uncover app loaded on your iPhone. 

However, All in total you can sideload 3 applications by default and another. You need to automate this process.

Otherwise, we need to manually do the signing-in process every 7 days with help of an application called Reprovision, also instructed by the uncover developer website. 

Step 8: Now tap on Uncover file to sideload and install in your iPhone.

You have to give some time to let the uncover app site load on your iPhone. In this process,

After that, if you are getting any errors kindly use Reddit jailbreak community or Twitter to ask support for jailbreak and its apps errors.

In conclusion, It takes 0 to 32 steps to successfully jailbreak your iPhone. 




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