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Apple’s spring 2021 event unveiled a lot of things. And one of them is the iPad pro. There is lot to get into here but let’s just dive into why you and iPad owners that are already out there  should care about the iPad pro?

The m1 chip is not just mac, its now in iPad pro as well. The iPad pro came out last spring 2020 and that was right. In the beginning of the pandemic, it was already being an expensive device of the time.


With the Introduction of lidar and this magic keyboard accessory, the new iPad pro moves to a processor that’s been on the MacBook air, the mini mac and on the new iMac which has the m1 processor. Now, that processor has an 8b core CPU and 8 core GPU.

Apple says that it is going to be 50 percent faster for the CPU and 40 percent for the GPU than the previous iPad pro which had an a12z processor. That’s a pretty bump up in power and that’s how the iPad pro has been. It is basically a sports car iPad. Its promising to be incredibly fast.

Mac basically brings up the question of how the software is going to work? But right now, it looks like iPad OS as we know.

Design and display

The second thing about this iPad pro which is really cool is the display.

On the 11-inch iPad pro the display looks like its going to be largely be the same. On the 12.9-inch iPad pro there is liquid retina XDR display.

Mini LED displays

This is based on mini-LED technology and what was rumoured to be on new iPad pro.

Now apple’s claiming that the brightness, contract and the colour accuracy are on par with apple’s pro XDR display which is incredibly expensive. This is going to have 1000 nits full screen brightness, 1600 nits of peak brightness, 1000000: 1 contrast ratio and supposed to be best looking display Apple has ever made.

Apple has often made claims about giving the best display in particular category of product but it does sounds very promising this time. This will require a price bump if you want to get it though.


The third thing that’s interesting about these iPads is the Thunderbolt. The USBC port that was on the previous iPad pro were pretty versatile in connecting to a variety of accessories. In fact, there are already accessories like the Kingston studio dock that look like basically a way to convert your iPad into iMac.

Now with thunderbolt apple is promising 40 gigabits per second throughput and ability to connect monitors, even larger resolution and external storage. So, it sounds potential to unlock the iPad into becoming this multi connecting computer. The thing that we have been wanting a long.

With iPads there is always a question of how limited that’s going to be? What accessories will it emerge with? Will it work with the existing thunderbolt or will you have to get new one?

The 5G Compatibility

Rumored 2021 High-End iPad Pro May Feature 5G With mmWave Support - MacRumors

The next exciting thing about this iPad is 5G. there is never been an iPad with 5G before. So, this iPad pro has a 5G option. But it will be going to cost you $200 more which will make it way more expensive. For anyone who is using it as something standalone streaming device or work tool will surely make a lot of sense to them.

Between the cost of 5G phone plus the cellular add on price will cost an arm and leg.


Now the thing comes for which we all are most excited about. It is the camera. Apple has a new front facing 122-degree 12 MP ultra-wide camera. This has a technology named Centre stage. This is a type of tech which are used in devices like Facebook portal which will zoom in digitally and follows you as you talk and move. Also, this ultra-wide camera supposed to Centre your face so that finally you look normal on an iPad when it is connected with things like zoom.

That’s the thing about iPad while the camera quality is really great compared to MacBook air or an iMac. The centring of the camera especially on the side has always been so weird that you have to adjust your face which looks like that you are not paying attention. Based on what you have seen so far, this iPad has clearly resolved the issue.

We are definitely waiting for this technology in other iPads too and exited to give it a test drive.

iPad iOS (The all-new iPad 2021)

Weight: 682g
Dimensions: 280.6 x 214.9 x 6.4mm
Display size: 12.9-inch
Display type: Liquid Retina XDR Mini LED LCD
Resolution: 2048 x 2732
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Chipset: Apple M1
RAM: 8GB / 16GB
Storage: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB
OS: iPad OS 14.5
Rear camera: 12MP + 10MP + ToF
Front camera: 12MP
Battery: N/A

The prices vary depending on which model you pick. The 11-inch version and 12.9 both have the m1 processor. But only 12.9 has that new liquid retina XDR display. The 11-inch starts with $799 price bar and the liquid retina XDR starts with $1099 price bump.

There is also a 2-terabyte storage option. Because the price starts with $799, for the base 128 configuration on the 11-inch to $2399 for the 12.9-inch with 5G and 2- terabyte.

This price is not even including the magic keyboard, the pencil which by the way those stay in the same so there is no new version of those, but those are expensive too that can rack up to several hundred dollars or more easily.

So, who is this for?

Rest assured if you bought an iPad like last year’s iPad air or you have an entry level iPad, this device is probably not for you. This is a super expensive product starting at best of $800 and really going to eclipse $1000 super easily. As I say, this is a race car iPad for which apple is promising for and it does sound exciting. The power, the ability to blend AR, the improvements in camera, the 5G part, all of these elements are fascinating.

But the question arises, did the apple has really unleashed all the possibilities with iPad OS to take on those things which we don’t know yet.

WWDC is around the corner that could be when apple really takes the training wheels off and goes even further into what the iPad could do. Because now that the iPad pro has now the same processor as the recent mac, there is really no reason that the two shouldn’t blend even further. But I think if you have one of those iPads, rest assured if you have been looking at an iPad pro, this looks like a fantastic one to get because it is lot more upgraded to those came out last year.

So, are ready to pay a handsome amount for a exquisite product? I’m exited to know. Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section. Thanks for your time.

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