Satya Nadella Says Big Tech Needs Strong Free Speech Rules

Big Tech Needs Strong Free Speech Rules, Says Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella Says Big Tech Needs Strong Free Speech Rules

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube need better laws and guidelines.

  • To control whether controversial accounts like those of former US President Donald Trump have a place on their platforms rather than being forced to make free-speech decisions on their own.

“In democracies like ours, unilateral action by individual companies is not only not long-term stable; we also need to be able to have a system of laws and norms,”

  • Nadella said in a wide-ranging interview with Emily Chang of Bloomberg Television.

“As a citizen, I would never advocate dependent on a single CEO of any of these companies to make decisions that will help us conserve something as sacred and important as our democracy over time.”

Parler, an anti-censorship social network that was popular among conservative and extremist figures,

  • Has pulled its hosting services from Amazon’s cloud unit.
  • Parler had previously been removed from the app stores of Apple and Alphabet’s Google.
  • The three tech companies’ actions effectively took the service offline.

Antitrust authorities have deepened their inquiries into the situation.

Over the last few years, antitrust authorities have increased their investigations into major technology companies’ market dominance,

Much like Microsoft did when Nadella was a rising official and More than two decades ago.

The company was hit with an antitrust lawsuit in the United States.

Rather than waiting until their size causes problems for customers and competitors.

The CEO believes it is safer for smaller technology companies to face fierce competition early on and manage the negative consequences of growing too large.

“Big isn’t bad in and of itself,” he explained, “but it is a good competition.”

  • Most importantly, you’ll require a business model that is consistent with global success.

Some goods categories face challenges as a result of unexpected consequences of development or a lack of competition.

He stated that “There is no God-given right for US tech companies to assume there will be no other tech powers.”

“I believe we all need to be more grounded on the West Coast of the United States because we sometimes magnify our great achievements.”

Instead, he advises business owners to think about what’s going on in the world and how essential their technology is.


Microsoft shares have risen more than 500 percent since Nadella took over as CEO seven years ago

  • After languishing for more than a decade under his predecessors, Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer.

Although Microsoft has largely escaped the regulatory scrutiny that other tech giants have faced in recent years.

It has raised some concerns among smaller competitors.

In July Slack is being acquired by Salesforce has urged European Union antitrust authorities

  • To investigate Microsoft for unfairly forcing its Teams interactive applications on million users by merging with Office 365 cloud-based collaboration programs.

Nadella denied claims. “Would Slack have existed if it hadn’t been the free access they had on the Windows platform?” he stated.

They didn’t have access to stores as”They couldn’t contact Microsoft since they didn’t have a phone number”.

They didn’t need permission comparison to any other sites where they are available.

To provide the most transparent forum in Windows and Office 365.

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